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Learn Six Sigma Master Black Belt course from best training institutes in Saharanpur. Six Sigma, Lean and Theory of Constraints are well recognized over the world as effective methodologies for rapid financial results. The SSI’s MBB course covers a comprehensive knowledge of these methodologies and aims to develop Master Black Belts (MBBs) who are competent to employ these tools and able to elevate organizational performance rapidly. Master Black Belts, identified by Champions, act as in-house coaches on Six Sigma. They devote 100% of their time to Six Sigma. They assist Champions and guide Black Belts and Green Belts. Apart from statistical tasks, they spend their time on ensuring consistent application of Six Sigma across various functions and departments. Master BBs are in charge of a team of BBs. Their work differs in that they are also in charge of budgeting and designing new systems.
Master BBs make their work look easy. Actually they are master strategists who are always two steps ahead of everyone else.
They are responsible for overall training to train the Belts, communication with the top management to translate company strategies into Six Sigma projects ; and reviews of different projects in the company to identify improvement areas and provide technical supports. Master Black Belts are experts responsible for the strategic deployment of Lean Six Sigma within an organization. They promote and support improvement activities in all business areas of their organization as well as at suppliers and customers. This is the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency Master Black Belts provide technical leadership of the Six Sigma program. Thus, they must know everything the Black Belts know, as well as understand the mathematical theory on which the statistical methods are based. Whenever possible, statistical training should be conducted only be Master Black Belts. Master Black Belts must be able to assist Black Belts in applying the methods correctly in unusual situations.
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