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Learn SAP Testing from best Institutes in Saharanpur. The basic idea behind introducing SAP or System Applications and Products was to provide the customers the ability to interact with common corporate databases for a comprehensive range of applications. SAP is an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to make business process work efficiently. Many Organizations implement SAP ERP to manage their business operations efficiently. SAP Testing is about testing the functionality of various SAP modules and to ensure that they perform as per the configuration.

Testing usually follows two paths. Firstly, System Integration Testing (SIT) which is performed by the SAP team in the development client, and secondly User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which is performed in the QA client after transport from the development client. UAT is performed by end users or the testing team. Unit Tests are defined and performed by developers. A process consists usually of several functions. Each of this function usually consists of sub-functions corresponding to a single method or a group of methods. Unit Tests could be described as white-box tests whereas a normal tester will test entire functions which is called black-box tests.

There are different testing methods that can be used to test the functionality of a software, system, or an application. Unit Testing is a type of white-box testing that involves testing a single unit or group of units. In Integration Testing, multiple systems are combined together to test the output of the integrated system. Functional Testing checks the functionality of each module as per the desired result. Usability Testing checks the ease of use of an application or a system. It checks how easy it would be for a new user to use an application or to understand the system. Acceptance testing is performed to test if a system meets the user requirement and whether to accept the application or system. Entire system is tested as per the requirement and specification in System Testing. In Stress testing, the system is put into stress beyond its specification to check when it fails.

Performance Testing is performed to check if the system meets the performance requirement. Regression Testing includes testing the full application or system for the modifications. Beta Testing is used to cover unexpected errors. It falls under the class of black-box testing. It is performed by releasing the pre-version of the final product, called Beta. Database testing is used to test the data in the database. It is performed using SQL statements. ETL testing is performed to ensure if data is correctly extracted, transformed, and loaded from a source system to a target system.. The below are list of institutes offeres best sap testing training in Saharanpur. You will find training centers which offers sap testing training with placement in Saharanpur. Leave your details to get the sap testing course fee details from top 10 sap testing training institutes in Saharanpur.
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