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Learn SAP PSCD from best Institutes in Saharanpur. SAP PSCD stands for SAP Public Sector Collection and Disbursement is the industry-specific solution of Contract Accounting for the Public Sector. For historical reasons this solution is also called Public Sector Contract Accounting. It enables you to manage taxes, charges and state benefits from/for business partners and/or citizens, students and taxpayers. The module is an enhancement of the standard system and can have integrated relationships with other components of the system. Some of its functionalities are Invoicing, Funds Management Integration (PSM-FM), payment processing, open item processing, address management, sales and distribution and much more.

The business partners like citizen, student or taxpayer, their accounts which are citizen accounts, student accounts or tax accounts and contract objects such as objects for taxes and state benefits including the related business transactions are managed in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable. SAP made on this technical base the module IS-PS-CA (Industry solution public sector contract accounting to manage tax and revenues for public sector.

It is considered to be eighty percent of FICA that stands for financials for contract accounts but available with some extra functionality. FICA has two layers of master data whereas in PSCD you can have three layers. One unique functionality of this SAP module is PSCD had been generally used in Government projects for its master data functionality amongst others. The basic requirement for using Public Sector Contract Accounting is integration with the General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) component.
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