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Learn QA Testing from best Institutes in Saharanpur. Quality Assurance is also about ensuring that the quality of a product or service is as excellent as possible, and as a consequence, the reputation of the company, and the pride that employees take in that product, is enhanced so that that quality becomes important to uphold in order to maintain the integrity of the organization, and those within the organization. It is comparison of expected requirements from a software with actual behavior post development and testing phases. Functional Quality is assured in different testing phases like unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, regression testing. Non-functional quality can be assured by load testing, performance testing and security testing.

The major reason of involving software quality assurance in the process of software product development is to make sure that the final product built is as per the requirement specification and comply with the standards .Software quality assurance encompasses various activities, such as Requirement analysis and definition, Design architecture and description, Coding and logic analysis, Change and configuration management, Testing and standard compliance, and Release management and Release Control. Testing means activities that ensure the identification of bugs/error/defects in a software. Testing is a subset of quality control and quality control is a subset of quality assurance . The goal of testing or software tester is to locate defects and make sure that they get fixed.

Testers must operate under the assumption that there are more bugs out there, and they have to find them. They operate in such a way that they expect to find problems, not just to verify that it is possible for everything to work fine. A good tester is one who is constantly thinking of things that have not been tried and is expected to exercise parts of the software that may be weak or that may not interact well. The whole point of this very critical look at software is to find bugs as fast as possible and get the right ones fixed. There will always be more bugs, but without knowing what they are, a conscious decision cannot be made regarding the software’s ability to meet the customer’s demands.
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