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Learn Protocol Testing from best Institutes in Saharanpur. Protocol testing is a generic term used by companies working in communication industry for testing of different protocols in domains of Routing, Switching ,Wireless,VoIP,Security,Telecom etc. Usually protocol testing is done by connecting a DUT (device under test) to other devices like routers/switches and conifiguring the protocol in it, then checking the packet structure of the packets send by the devices, checking , protocol algorithm ,their performance,scalability etc using tools like wireshark,IxNetworks,Spir.
Test anything protocol is the special protocol developed by Perl interpreter in 1987 to allow communication between unit tests and a test harness. It allows individual tests (TAP producers) to communicate test results to the testing harness in a language-agnostic way. Ethernet Configuration Testing Protocol is a diagnostic protocol included in the Xerox Ethernet II specification. Functionality of the protocol is similar to that offered by ping but it operates at the data link layer as opposed to the network layer.
There is also a tool called Protocol analyzer which is available as hardware or software and used to capture and analyze signals and data traffic over a communication channel. Such a channel varies from a local computer bus to a satellite link, that provides a means of communication using a standard communication protocol (networked or point-to-point).
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