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Learn dairy farming course from best training institutes in Saharanpur. Dairy farming is part of agriculture that is focused on producing milk so it can be used to produce dairy products, including cheese. Species commonly used are cows (so-called dairy cows), but goats, sheep and camels are also used. Sometimes donkeys are used to produce an alternative to cows milk for babies. In Ireland, dairy farming is generally operated on a seasonal grass based system, in that cows calve in the Spring and eat as much grass as possible in their 300 day lactation. Dairy animals are generally Holstein or Friesian breed , although Jerseys, Montbeliardes and Norwegian Red also feature. The optimum milk production system encouraged by State research and advisory organisation Teagasc in their 2011 dairy manual is to calve animals at two years of age and then every 365 days thereafter.

The practice of dairy production in a factory farm environment has been criticized by animal welfare activists. Some of the ethical complaints regarding dairy production cited include how often the dairy cattle must remain pregnant, the separation of calves from their mothers, how dairy cattle are housed and environmental concerns regarding dairy production.

The training programme imparts knowledge and technical proficiency in Dairy Farm Management Practices, Animal Healthcare, Fodder Production and Clean Milk Production etc. It also encourages entrepreneurship among the youth for self-employment.There are various Benefits of starting profitable dairy cow farming business. It is also useful for milk processing business. Dairy and milk products have an enormous demand all over the world. This is the major benefit of starting dairy cow farming business.
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